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Bicycle Trek 2022

Join us on September 10, 2022

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This year’s annual Bicycle Trek was very much the same, yet also very different.

As with previous years, we had wonderful participants and volunteers coming together to help Trek run smoothly – and raising over $110,000 to support BC Lung’s research and patient programs! Our amazing Trekkers were energetic and motivated to begin the route, followed by an evening of entertainment and a relaxing barbecue/ beer garden after exerting their energy on the 200 km ride.

However, the event was also very different. After some serious wildfire smoke blanketed the sky after only 50 km into the ride, we made the carefully considered decision to end the ride. The call was made both for our riders’ safety, and for what the BC Lung Foundation advocates: we simply felt the air quality was too poor to continue.

Although the cancellation of the ride was certainly not what we – or our Trekkers – wanted, everyone remained upbeat, continuing to make the best of their weekend. Participants embraced their weekend to reconnect with fellow Trekkers, and enjoyed the less physically demanding events we prepared.

Trekkers have raised over $7 million to support British Columbians who live with lung disease, making possible essential research, patient programs, and advocacy for lung health. Their hard work directly impacts others’ lives for the better.

In January 2023 we're planning a town hall meeting to discuss exciting adaptations of Trek! Syma Shaheen, our Events Manager, will reach out to everyone with more details/ information as we get closer to the date.

We hope to see you there!







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