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Our Firefighter friends have been a HUGE part of Climb the Wall ever since it began 21 years ago – and they’re a big draw to other participants! The challenge itself is a great training motivator and a team-building exercise.

Join hundreds of firefighters Sunday, February 26th in an adrenaline-charged climb up 48 storeys to the top of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel. When you’ve elevatored back down to the Grand Ballroom, refresh, relax and enjoy a delicious meal with our Glow Brunch After Party, to celebrate, connect – and marvel at the spectacle!

Firefighters participate in their own professional category, wearing full protective gear. Timing chips are provided to each participant. Five awards are announced at the event: 

  • Best climb time overall, Male 
  • Best climb time overall, Female
  • Fastest “Masters” climb time, Male 
  • Fastest “Masters” climb time, Female
  • Top Firefighter Fundraiser

REGISTRATION IS FREE for all firefighters. However, we require that each team raise a minimum of $100 per firefighter. 

Equipment needed! Please be prepared to race in full firefighter gear: 
  • Boots 
  • Pants (with liners intact) 
  • Coat (with liners intact) 
  • Helmet (hoods will not be worn) 
  • Gloves   
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) will be worn and used throughout the Climb

No modified and/or racing gear allowed. Each participant in the Firefighter division must wear gear that meets current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) structural firefighting standards. Gear that is found to be not fire department issue, and does not meet current NFPA requirements, will mean the participant’s disqualification for Fastest Climber. 

Note: Most teams have to share SCBAs, so please organize your team accordingly. It's not a problem if members of your team climb in a later Wave than assigned, to accommodate sharing.

For more information: 

Syma Shaheen
Event-related enquiries


Tobin Caddell 
Firefighter-related enquiries


Noel Nacauili
Firefighter-related enquiries